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sunday, september 30

Jeffrey Ma

Jeffrey Ma, Vice President, Analytics and Data Science at Twitter

6:00pm – 6:45pm

Opening Keynote: Ten Times Better: Maximize Performance through Big Data


Data, gleaned through technology, is not only supposed to help us do our jobs, but do them better. Sometimes, it can even make us ten times better than the average employee. Through the lens of his experiences in blackjack, pro sports consulting, and Hollywood, Jeffrey Ma discusses the importance of setting goals as well as tracking your progress and productivity along the way, and how gaming, analytics, and competitive tracking can lead to more useful, constructive feedback and more motivated teams and employees.


Jeffrey Ma
Senior Director of Business Insights and Group Project Manager at Twitter, ESPN Predictive Analytics Expert & Kingpin of the Famous MIT Blackjack Team

When it comes to beating the house – whether you’re amassing poker chips or market share – Jeffrey Ma proves that data-driven decisions and smart risk-taking trump luck every time.

Jeffrey gained worldwide recognition as a member of the MIT blackjack team, which inspired the best-selling book, “Bringing Down the House” and the hit film, “21.” Since then, he has founded GlofSpan.com (sold to Demand Media), Circle Lending (sold to Virgin), Citizen Sports (sold to Yahoo!) and tenXer, an analytics tool designed to optimize employee performance, progress and productivity, which was acquired by Twitter. He now serves as senior director of business insights and group project manager at Twitter, where he also manages the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning groups.

From Sports Illustrated to Ford and ESPN, leading global corporations seek Jeffrey’s insight on how to effectively understand and utilize technology as a competitive advantage. In his best-selling business book, “The House Advantage: Playing the Odds to Win Big in Business,” Jeffrey seamlessly connects his experiences at the table and in the sports world to business analytics, providing insights that are accessible for individuals at every level.

With an extraordinary real-life tale that illustrates the power of data, coupled with an entrepreneur’s business expertise, Jeffrey captivates audiences with fascinating insights on topics such as strategy, innovation and risk, to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and analytics—and how to understand, play and win the game.